COQUECOL  has been operating in Colombia for more than a quarter of a century. Taking into account the years of work of COQUECOL with the years of COLCARBÓN founded in 1991. However, COQUECOL, as we know it today, was born in 2008 with the arrival of the Gerdau group to Colombia.

Coquecol has developed with great experience in the production and commercialization of Coal and metallurgical coke, acquired in the domestic market or manufactured by producers linked to society, thus becoming the leading company in the sector.

Since its inception, COQUECOL has exported to international markets in Latin America, Central America, Europe, Asia and the United States, producing its raw materials from its plants in Cundinamarca, Boyacá and Norte de Santander, and exporting them from the ports of La Guajira, Barranquilla and Buenaventura

COQUECOL is part of a sector that contributes 64% of GDP to the country, through the export of 7 million tons of metallurgical coal, of which 2 million were exported to the countries mentioned above and the rest was transformed into coke. It is important to note that in 2018 we reached the historic figure of 3.1 million tons exported, making Colombia the third largest exporter of coke in the world